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At The Cyber Security Speakers Agency, the UK’s first and only bureau officially specialising in cyber experts, we regularly book speakers to discuss the latest hacking attempts and predict the future of cyber security. As more businesses move their operations online, the internet has become a playground for hackers to exploit digital weaknesses for monetary gain. From ransomware to phishing, there are many ways that hackers can access your private data, potentially putting your business at risk. Our speakers are the best at helping audiences protect themselves and the companies they work for against cybercrimes.

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Robert Hannigan

Director of GCHQ, Prime Minister's Security Advisor, & Senior Fellow at the Belfast Centre for Science and International Affairs

Frank Abagnale

CEO of Abagnale and Associates, Author of 5 Best-Selling Books, & Named as One of the World’s Most Famous Imposters by The Telegraph

Chloe Colliver

Principal of Ofcom & Former Head of Digital Policy & Strategy at the ISD

Charlie McMurdie

Former Head of the Police Central e-Crime Unit for the Metropolitan Police

Keren Elazari

Founder of Leading Cyber Ladies, Founder of BSidesTLV & Senior Researcher at the Cyber Research Center of Tel Aviv University

Andrew Amery

Head of Security for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Co-Founder & Director of R3S Global

How do I hire a cyber security speaker?

The easiest way to hire a cyber security specialist is through The Cyber Security Speakers Agency. Our team of industry experts have already hired countless leading speakers for corporate events and conferences across the world and are equipped with the knowledge to successfully manage your booking from start to finish. Use our contact form to start the process.

How will a cyber security speaker benefit my business?

In business, it is essential to cultivate a digital presence and utilise the many technological advancements at your disposal. However, every new piece of technology or software is a backdoor for hackers to access your data. A cyber security speaker will teach your employees the skills and knowledge needed to identify potential cyber-attacks, like phishing.

Who are the best cyber security speakers for 2023?

As the only UK speaking bureau officially specialising in cyber security speakers, you can trust that the orators featured on this website are the best in the business. The easiest way to find the perfect speaker for your event is to browse our selection and then contact a booking agent. Our team are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to source, contact and hire the right speaker for you.

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95 %
of cyber security breaches are caused by human error.
5 %
of company folders have adequate cyber protections.
22 billion
records were exposed in a single year of data breaches.
$ 1 trillion
was spent worldwide on cybersecurity products over five years.

When predicting the value of cyber security, the proof really is in the statistics. From the biggest cause of cyber breaches to the global cost of hacking attempts, we have collected the most shocking statistics surrounding cyber security. Discover why a cyber security expert should be the star speaker at your next event and the many hacking dangers they will help you to avoid.

Key Dates For 2023

Cyber Security Awareness Month - October

Cyber Security Awareness Month takes place every October and aims to teach people the importance of data protection and privacy. From the strength of your password to the phishing tactics we should all be aware of; this annual awareness event has been essential in the war against hackers.

World Password Day - 4th May

World Password Day is an annual reminder to update and strengthen your passwords. It takes place on the first Thursday of every May and for several years has prompted people to change their weak or overused passwords. Did you know, even a strong, eight-character password can be cracked by hackers in less than an hour?

Data Privacy Day - 28th January

Data Privacy Day is recognised across the globe, from Europe to North America. The aim is to raise awareness among businesses and general users of the many dangers being online can pose and the monetary value of our personal data. Every year, experts are hired to share how we can all better protect our private information.